What Makes A Plumbing Professional?

plumbingAre Piping Contractor and Plumbing Contractors the same?

We really are living in a time of a lot of blending and multi tasking. It has much to do with the way things are run in our everyday lives.  While it seems that this question should have an easy answer,  it really requires slightly more clarification than you might first think.

Most Plumbers are state approved and ( depending on the State ) required to do a continued education call to keep that approved state. This allows them to do any specialized area of piping they prefer ( Notice the term any Piping ). So Yes a Contractor with highly qualified Plumbers can handle any situation in the pipe field. Which does not leave very much wiggle room for a Piping Contractor ( at least you might think ).

Piping Contractors are undoubtable the most misunderstood and underground specialty profession that can go unseen. Plumbing contractors can often do more complex tasks than a plumber, as well as all of the tasks that a plumber can do. You might find a plumbing contractor working to construct the home’s waste disposal system, installing gas connections and flues, or even working on water heaters. Truly there is a great need for these under estimated professionals. They fit into an industry of unique areas and require a measure of skill to be successful in the field.

So who does it best? Plumbers and Pipers have had a few wrestling matches on who can do what better than who and that keeps the drive in the trade to new ideas and keeps the industry flowing in the direction it needs to go.

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Joe Corcoran
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