Plumbing is the Heart of Your HOME

hearthouseA thought for Valentine’s Day! When you think about it the plumbing systems of your home are very much like a heart!

What is capillary action and why is it so important in the plumbing industry?

We take capillary action for granted everyday and we are glad to have it when we slightly over fill our water glass with any fluids of choice. Have you ever over filled your water glass?

Well if you noticed that when this occurs sometimes if caught in time the glass appears as if it is pooling above the glass slightly however never overflowing. Well that is capillary action in effect. Plumbers use this amazingly to their advantage all the time when assembling your water system.

If you’ve ever seen a plumber use copper, silver soldier,  and tinned flux with a hot torch. Chances you have wondered how the plumbers get that silver soldier to draw that soldier into the fitting even when the fitting is up side down and seems impossible.

Well that is capillary action in effect. The heat created a small vacuum and when the tinned flux is applied it helps lubrication of that action to draw the silver soldier right up into the cup of the fitting. This makes the fitting water tight. Making the plumbers job relatively easy and the plumbing system last year after year. Enjoy it for yourself.

We love sharing these little details from the work we love to do! Want to see it in action? We’d love to provide you with some of the best plumbing services in Idaho – get in touch with us for all your plumbing needs!


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